Social researcher role search

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I’m a mixed methods social researcher with specialised quantitative data analysis skills and particular insights into gender, sexuality and human rights. I am close to completing my PhD in Sociology on how differences of sex, gender and sexuality should be represented by UK surveys. From Autumn 2022 I will be available to assist on research projects. See my CV for specific details on my skills, experiences and qualifications. If you wish to work with me please email

Areas of expertise:

  • Quantitative data analysis
  • Mixed methods research
  • Gender
  • Sexuality
  • Human Rights
  • Feminist research
  • Queer theory and queer methods
  • Survey design
  • Methods training
  • Research engaging with LGBTI+ people

Role requirements:

Pay: Between £17.50-£33 an hour depending on the nature of the role and length of the contract. This is based on my latest earnings and recommendations from the Scottish Artist Union.

Hours: 8-24 hours a week. Hours can flex with demand.

Duration: 1-12 months

Start date: As soon as needed but ideally from October 1st 2022

Location: Remote, commutable from Glasgow or only requiring occasional in person meetings or in person field work outside of Glasgow.