I am currently undertaking my PhD in Sociology researching how differences of sex, gender and sexuality should be represented by UK population surveys. The research focuses on the perspectives of those currently overlooked in survey data. To achieve this a sequential mixed-methods research design is employed. This research is funded by the University of Glasgow’s College of Social Sciences (CoSS) Scholarship.

Posts relating to my reserach:

T.E.M.P.S Question Design Standards

Introductory standars for designing survey questions on sex,gender and sexuality based on my research.

Survey: Representing differences of sex, gender and sexuality in UK population surveys
The survey that features as part of the third and final strand of my research. Aimed at LGBTI+ people ages 16+ in the UK.

This Queer Counts: A 5 minute zine
This zine touches on ways I have personally been overlooked or misrepresented by surveys. These issues formed one of the key motivations for my research.