Conducting Research with LGBTQ+ People: SGSSS

June 2021

A twice repeated 3 hour workshop for the SGSSS summer school

What will the census tell us?: Working with and representing LGBTQ+ people: University of Brighton’s Centre for Transforming Sexuality and Gender

24th February 2021

The workshop will be split into two, with the first half focusing on the 2021/2022 UK census representation of LGBTQ+ people. The second half will be dedicated to knowledge exchange on practical elements of engaging with LGBTQ+ people.

Conducting Research with LGBTQ+ People Using Online Resources: SGSSS

2th November 2020

Having been awarded the student led training fund I am producing online training on conducting research with LGBTQ+ people. The resources included a video presentation, resource list and a participant Q & A and reflection session over Zoom. All resources produced can be found here

Improving how population surveys represent, sex,gender and seuxality in the UK: Glasgow ReproducibiliTea

24th July 2020

Presentation can be found here

LGBTQ+ Reserach Sharing Event: University of Glasgow LGBT+ Staff Network

18th June 2020

More information can be found here

LGBT Reserach Sharing Event: University of Glasgow Gilchrist Postgraduate Club

17th February 2020

Resentation in the style of 5 minute thesis for LGBTQ+ history month 2020.